Annual membership

Annual membership subscriptions are due at the end of January each year.

The annual fee for the coming year is £25 but new members will only pay a proportion of this dependent on the date of joining.

If you wish to become a member you will be made most welcome. Please download the membership form here or complete a form at the club.

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Internal competition themes


The Club Committee has agreed the forward programme of competition themes for 2019 and up to the summer break in 2020. We hope this will give even the most hard pressed members the opportunity to enter their work in this valuable aspect of the club’s activities.

To see a list of the themes:

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Dear Member

Following the cancellation of our model session on Members’ Evening on October 1st, I am looking to have another still life evening, though this time I’ll be asking you to bring in props to create your own photos. Ideally, I would like to have several sets of lights set up – at least two or three - so that you have a better chance of setting up and photographing your still life. In fact, so large is our room that we could accommodate more than half a dozen set-ups.

So, if you have a set of lights – or even if you use an angle-poise lamp or similar – please let me know if you can provide them on the night.

I’m also looking for a few members to help advise on the night. If you do still life photography at home and know a thing or two about setting up props – food, flowers, antique artefacts, glass – you could pass on your experience, tips, techniques etc., and especially guide the members who would love to give still life a go but are unsure of how to proceed.

If you have never tried still life before and would like to bring in some props to try an idea out, here are links to some examples that may inspire you: here here

If you have a set of lights you can bring in or intend to bring along some props,
please email me to let me know: here

I look forward to a fascinating and, hopefully, inspiring evening!

All the Best

Ashley Franklin ARPS | ABPPA | APAGB
President | Programme Secretary